Thank you Chelsea! My 2 year old and 4 year old started these swim lessons both too scared to put their faces in the water and would never in a million years jump in from the side of the pool. Now my 2 year old will jump in the pool and swim to me. She also knows how to swim to the side of the pool after falling in. My 4 year old can swim the length of the pool and float on her back. All after just 8 sessions. I wouldn’t believe it except that I’ve seen it! Chelsea is worth every penny!

-Stacy S.

I want to share my experience with Chelsea Oakes and her swim program. I looked into many swim programs and chose Chelsea, after learning about her method. First I should share that my daughter, who is 3, didn't even like getting her face wet at bath time.  Although I was a little hesitant, I knew how important Mia learning to swim was.  From the start Chelsea was amazing, never changing her tone or not smiling, even when she was crying and more than a little resistant to the task at hand. At each step of the process, I continued to be amazed, as Mia went from a 3 year old who didn't like to get her face wet to a 3 year old that could swim!  All in 8 days no less! I cannot say enough good things about Chelsea or her swim program.  It is everything she says and more.  Mia swims everyday and says she is "a mermaid".  The sense of accomplishment she feels is evident every time she says it!



We love Chelsea and Swim First. She not only helped my son become a better swimmer, but love the water. She was kind and patient and knew exactly what she was doing. We will recommend her anytime!



My four year old daughter was TERRIFIED of the water. She refused to get in with anyone. Not my husband or even myself. Swim First convinced me with their guarantee to try it out. I could not be more amazed. My daughter is swimming, safe AND she asks to go swimming! What? This chick knows what she's doing!

-Lisa and Simon


Not much compares to the peace of mind of having your child pool safe. My son and daughter also learned how to do freestyle, take breaths, dive, and all while having a great time. Thanks Swim First!



I took my two daughters to three different swim schools-- after no progress we decided to try out Chelsea's 8- day swim school. We are thrilled to have our 5 year olds swimming strokes, diving, and even learning pool safety. Chelsea was firm, patient, and knows just how to teach children.

-Jeffrey Y.


I didn't believe my three year old would learn how to swim. I was wrong! In eight lessons he was jumping into the pool, swimming to the sides, floating, and swimming under water. We are very happy with our swimming investment and will be back in the years to come. 

-Jackie P.

We brought our 7-year-old son to Chelsea. He was afraid of the water and was embarrassed to go to parties with friends. She helped Ben overcome his fear of the water and taught him techniques to help with his confidence. He even learned freestyle and backstroke, all in 8 lessons. Swim First is worth every penny!



If you're looking for a swim team prep coach, call Chelsea! My daughter is ready for swim team this summer! She helped her master technique for her strokes, learn her breathing counts, and practice dives. We love Chelsea and will bring our three year old next Summer.


My husband and I could not be more pleased with our experience with Chelsea. She gave us peace of mind and my 4 year old daughter Sophie loves her. We loved that she teaches pool safety and what to do if she happened to fall into the pool. Sophie cried the first four lessons and Chelsea did not get frustrated once. She was so kind and you can really tell she loves teaching. We will be back for many Summers.

-Barbra J.