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Swim First Guarantee 

We guarantee non-swimmers ages 3 and older will learn to swim in 8 days or we will keep teaching at no additional cost, fulfilling our guarantee!


  1. All normally developed children ages 3 and older will learn to jump off the side of the pool, turn themselves around and swim back to the wall.

  2. Swimmers will also be able to jump into the pool from a jumping rock, diving board, or platform, turn themselves around and swim back to the wall unassisted. 

  3. Swimmer will be able to swim back to the wall, nearest to them, in the event of falling into the pool.

  4. Many 3 year old, non-swimmers will also learn how to float, take breaths, pick up toys off the bottom of the pool, swim the width and the length of the pool. (However these are not guaranteed)

  5. The Swim First guarantee is for all normally developed 3 year olds. This means they can run, jump, are fully potty trained and have no physical or mental handicaps. (Being fully potty trained means your child is day time and night time potty trained. The use of a swim diaper in the pool constitutes not being fully potty trained.) 

  6. Swimmers need to attend ALL 8 days of lessons and be in the pool ALL 8 days of lessons to reach the guarantee. Missing a class will void your Swim First Guarantee.

  7. Chelsea Oakes gladly offers lessons for children with Autism and any mental handicaps who are capable of taking swimming lessons. Please call to schedule these classes. (480) 798-2899



Additional Lessons


If after the full 8 lessons, your child does not reach our swimming "guarantees" your instructor will let you know.  The instructor  does an assessment with your child during lesson time on day 6, 7, and 8 to see if they have reached all the guarantees.  If they have not, Chelsea will discuss the concerns with the parent present at the end of the 8th class and call you to arrange the additional lessons. Typically a child needs 2 to 3 more days of lessons to reach the guarantees.  The best way to accomplish these guaranteed skills is to continue taking lessons on day 9, 10, and 11.  We will give you two weeks to take these additional lessons.  After that time period, the additional lessons for the 'guaranteed swimming' is voided.  Also, if you choose to not show up for one of these additional lessons, you will also void accomplishing the "guarantees" and no further free lessons will be given. Additional Lessons will only be extended to swimmers who have participated in 8 full classes, and not to students who missed a lesson(s).


Additional Lessons are not to be confused with make up classes. If your swimmer missed a class, and you are looking for a make up lesson- please see our make up lesson tab at the top of the screen.