Make-up Policy

According to availability and with advanced notice of absence, you may be granted a make-up lesson. The cost per make-up class is $20 dollars for a 25-minute make-up lesson. 

 No call/ No shows appointments are not eligible for makeup classes. If your child is sick , you are required to give Chelsea Oakes a call for each class or day they are missing. You will be asked to provide a doctors note if extended absence is requested. 

Q: Why are you paying for a make-up class if you have already paid in full for your child's swimming lessons? 

A: Your student's teacher is paid for their time whether or not your child attends their scheduled lesson, they are paid again if we place your student on their schedule in an open spot for a make-up lesson.

Make ups are a courtesy to you and must be made in person and may not be rescheduled. Payment is required at the time of booking and is not refundable. Make-up lessons must be taken during the same summer in which your lesson was missed. There are no credits or refunds given for missed lessons. 

When booking your swimming session, please be sure to arrange your schedule to attend all 8 lessons. Make-up lessons are only available for lessons missed due to illness or urgent situations and not for vacations, outings, school, or schedule conflicts. Refunds will not be given for last minute schedule changes or conflicts. If you choose not to attend- no money will be reimbursed. 


With notice- if extended absence is needed for reasons such as a broken limb, students can be re scheduled to another session later in the summer. 

Parents and spectators

It is normal if your young child cries the first few days! The best thing to do is to go sit around the corner by the gate, in your car, on the lawn in the front yard, or someplace where they cannot see you and you cannot hear them cry. The crying is harder on the parents than it is on the child. For young children, the water, a new instructor, and new surroundings can be scary at first. After a few days the crying will stop and great improvements will be made in child's swimming ability. In the end, it is worth a few days of crying to have your child water safe and swimming. We offer both male and female instructors at Swim First.


  • Arrive 5 minutes prior to your lessons start time so you have enough time to park and get to the swimming pool.

  • If needed, have your child use the restroom before class begins. Taking time to go to the bathroom during the allotted 25-minute class takes away from their learning time.

  • Have your child dressed in their swimsuit and ready for their lesson when you arrive. 

  • Don't disturb those that are having a lesson. 

  • Please do not let your child eat right before their lesson. Your child will work very hard for their 25-minute lesson. Eating before will cause cramping and vomiting.


  • If your child is in diapers, swim diapers are required. 

  • Swimming shoes are not allowed.

  • Goggles are only allowed for students who pass the Goggle Swim Test. This test shows the instructors that the swimmer can safely swim without relying on the use of goggles. 

  • Girls- please pull hair back into a hair tie and clip all hair back so that it may not get into eyes, mouth or nose. 


  • Arrange your schedule to attend your 8 swimming lessons.

  • There are NO refunds for missed lessons.

  • These are private, one on one lessons. There will be 3-5 instructors in the pool at a time teaching other students.

  • Please come with your child to the first day of lessons so you can fill out paper work on them.

Lesson Time

  • Eight lessons per session.

  • Lesson time is 25-minutes. Students will work extremely hard for the full 25-minutes.

  • 3-5 instructors will be in the pool at the same time teaching their own student. 

  • Your swimmer will stay with their assigned swim instructor all 8 lessons. 

  • There is NO swimming in the pool after your alloted 25-minute lesson is over. 

  • Parents if you leave your child to hide during lessons, please be back to the pool side before the 25-minutes is up. Once lessons are over we will no longer be liable to babysit your child.

  • No parents or siblings of students taking lessons are aloud in the swimming pool.