Skills to Learn



Beginner level:

  • holding breath under water
  • navigating the side deck of the pool while in the water
  • getting into and out of the water
  • kicking legs and swinging arms simultaneously
  • freestyle swimming with a breath assisted
  • jumping into the pool and swimming back to a wall assisted
  • jumping into the pool from a jumping rock and navigating oneself back to a wall with assistance 
  • swimming the width of the pool with assistance 
  • swimming the length of the pool assisted
  • assisted floating
  • assisted underwater swimming for objects

Intermediate level:

  • freestyle with sideways breathing and arm count
  • free standing dive from deck
  • free standing dive from jumping rock
  • dive and glide in streamline
  • floating unassisted
  • safety tread and float
  • unassisted underwater swimming for dive rings or toys
  • streamline backstroke kick
  • elementary backstoke
  • racing dive


Advanced level training:

  • detailed stroke work on freestyle
  • detailed stroke work on backstroke
  • streamline freestyle and backstroke
  • jump dive
  • racing dive
  • breaststroke with correct breathing technique
  • Butterfly with correct breathing and technique
  • flip turns under and above water
  • sidestroke
  • IM (all four strokes swam in 4 laps with turns)

Swim team prep- Any swimmer who is currently enrolled in summer swim team or planning on going out for a school swim team in the fall, can benefit from STP lessons. During the 8 day session we will extensivly brake down each stroke to perfect technique, analyze stroke and breath count, flip turns, dives, streamline etc.